Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A buy-up, and a cull.


What is it about a major financial outlay (like a house) that makes one want to throw caution to the wind and buy clothes?

Or is that just me?

So I have been buying a few bits of couture lately... my excuse is that I am going away soon, and I am starting another job soon, so I need some couture to go with it.

Fine feathers maketh the bird, my crazy aunty used to say.

Here are some of the things I bought recently.

I hate buying suits - they look all wrong on me - the sleeves are too long, some bits too baggy, some bits too tight. I also hate being boxed in, in rigid fabrics. The above jacket from review is a stretchy fabric with thickness between a ponte and a jersey. It looks great open. I am wearing this with a black dress for my talk. Smashing. And comfy.

 I freaking love Witchery jeans. I get my size, I try them on, they fit, and mostly I am happy with the way they look. They sit nicely on my hips and I am not dragging them up every 10 seconds.

I love this shirt - it is plain but looks really good on with a pair of skinny ponte pants, which I also procured from Witchery. It is one of their ovarian cancer research fund shirts, so it's a win-win.

And now, for a pop of colour. This is a good going away dress. I see lots of balmy walks in the European summer evenings...this frock is from Sunny Girl (via the Birdsnest website).

Nowadays, when shopping, I go less for bargains (ok I luff a bargain as much as the next person) and much more for what makes me feel and look good. It is important that I feel flattered in my gear.

My recent shopping purchases (there were more) bought about a big wardrobe cull. I have chucked some things out that were a bit long in the tooth, bagged some things up for charity, and put aside some better things to sell. They are nice clothes, but don't look the best on me. I will be more picky in future.

Ok so I really really should stop shopping now...I figure if I have some nice duds with me overseas I will be less tempted to go shopping....in theory...

So, what is your approach to clothes shopping?
Do you have a go-to brand?
How would you recommend selling some gear/ handbags?

Also, I am thinking of putting back the word verification on my comments - the spam comments are about to drive me mad. Any thoughts?
Any brands you go


  1. pls don't do the silly word thingy!!!!! good luck with culling! x

  2. Buying a house and anything huge boggles the mind that one does think what's the diff???

    Until I lose weight I don't want to "invest" in any really nice things plus I hardly wear the stuff I do have so luckily that is not a weakness of mine.

    I want to sell my stuff but need to get organized as ebay though popular seems a lot of work.

    I will accept whatever you do with comments but just to let you know that on the ipad word verification is a nightmare and doesn't let you type stuff in and it rarely goes through...

    PS when you are here you should think about getting a shirt made on savile row to your measurements. not as dear asyou would think but lasts forever and you wont waste money on shirts...only caveat is that i no longer fit into mine!! ;P xx

    1. I used to do the "I will buy clothes when I lose weight" thing. That did my head in. Now I know my bum and thighs fluctuate within a size, so I go for the one in the middle x

  3. I am a stealth shopper. It's solo, quick and a bit secretive, and I never ever try things on...can you believe it. I just know what is going to fit by looking at it. Mind you, I don't wear a lot of tailored or really fitted clothes. I have bought quite a big from ASOS, and other sites. I love Akira Isogawa's creative work, and what I lovingly refer to as 'dirty ol' Temt' fast-fashions. I keep my fast-fashions for as long as I keep the higher-end items. I do cull via my two nieces, and have never had anything decent enough to sell.
    I never look at the Spam comments. Should I? Anyway, I like how complimentary those peops are even if they are from 'moreviagara' or 'topsexdaily'. ;D
    Buy clothes now, because you might be broke for a few years when you have your house, I was!!! Exciting times ahead re your travel. Xx

    1. I like your shopping style! I don't always try things on, more for whether they flatter.

  4. Oooh I do love that Witchery top. Am off to Melbourne next week and very excited to check out all my old favourites.

  5. Loving your new buys.

    Best of luck with the new job.

    SSG xxx

  6. It's a great idea to buy new duds before you're stuck in the Mortgage thing... Love the look of your new haul, and well done on culling. I am very, very bad at culling.

    I didn't get round to replying to your last post on the budget, but can I just say how much I despise those odious Politicians with their bad budget.
    It is a mean and vile budget and I am very, very sad that it has come to this.

  7. Oh, and please don't put the word verification thing on. it's a pain, and I'm usually on an ipad so don't bother if there's verification

  8. Good work on the cull! I buy a bit from Boden and JCrew, then pick up bits and pieces around the place - Outnet, Tory Burch, local shops very occasionally.... I do like a bargain though, so all of them have to be offering me some form of discount!! Just ride the spam tide over. I find you usually get an annoying wave for a week or two, then it disappears for a couple of weeks/ month.

  9. Your recent buys all look to be great choices. I have no advice on shopping, I do too much of that and need to be more disciplined. I too don't try on first, even shoes, since my shopping is all online.

    I vote no on the word verification, think you lose some people who won't bother and also some who "walked away" before realizing there's another step before their comments will publish. I think I found a way around the spam, let them publish but check them off as spam from your Blogger as soon as you discover. Eventually, they will go into the spam folder all by themselves. At least that's been my experience.