Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I have a mish-mash of things I want to put on here today.....

  • I have found that, as a young female doctor, sometimes, no amount of skill, knowledge, kindness, compassion or patience will get the the message across. What I think will work though, is if I hire an actor and give them a script. The actor will be a sixty year old white upper middle class male. That will help immensely.
  • The dog has discovered "upstairs, where the Hoomins live". She very carefully creeps up there and has a look around. We shoo her off very quickly.
  • The fella and I are off to Europe in June. He is in Spain for a conference, I will join him there after a few days in London. We will head off to Istanbul for a week or so... ISTANBUL BABY!
  • I have a tax bill to pay :(
  • But it doesn't matter as MANDAREENIES are in store. MANDAREENIES!!!!
  • Tony Abbott wants to buy some fighter jets or some such for squillions of dollars. Can't he get Aunty Gina to buy them? 
  • That tax bill I have to pay is probably more than what Aunty Gina Pays....
  • I am on antibiotics for sinusitis. Gah.
  • I am glad this is a short week.

Now...serious mode here.
My heart breaks for the children (for of them, aged 5-15) of Fiona Warzywoda. She is the lady who was stabbed to death by her partner in a busy suburban Melbourne street.
Without saying too much, I have been touched deeply by family violence. It always makes me feel sick to hear of these things happening.

This article contains an email address for if you would like to help the kids. They have lost their mother in horrible circumstances and have very little in the way of material goods. Please donate, if you can.

On a broader note, it is great to see people like Clementine Ford, Tom Meagher and Anna Bligh join the narrative. It needs to be ingrained in the public consciousness that family violence is not acceptable. Perhaps powerful men like Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and others can speak out too.


  1. Squeee! Istanbul! Your dream came true, after all! We will be doing a 3-week tour starting (and ending) in Istanbul - from my research I have been led to believe that there are about 3 weeks' worth of things to do in Istanbul alone... Very excited, though. I expect Turkey to be a sensory overload. Hot-air ballooning over Cappadocia will be a major highlight.

    Thank you for posting about Fiona Warzywoda. Shocking story. x

  2. On your first point, I think it works the other way too. I would never go to an older, male doctor willingly. There might be some good ones but, in my experience, I've only had issues. I've heard a lot of women, especially mums, want to go to younger female GPs but there is a problem because if those doctors are in the same situation, they usually only work part time.

    I've got a huge tax bill too. Freaken tax department. The woman I talked to said to make a payment arrangement but I think I'll just pay it outright to avoid the interest charges.

  3. I personally like a middle aged, female Doctor. Experienced, understanding of women's issues, and yet young enough to be up with the latest things (hopefully). But I must admit, I was saying to a 30 year old friend who is a neurosurgeon that having a bit of grey hair was an advantage in his profession... But you know Cilla, that builders still defer to my husband. They work out eventually that there is no point (he just refers them to me, and has no idea what they're asking anyway).
    I don't like talking about tax. We pay a lot too, and have just coughed up for last years. It's fairly painful.
    Horrible about those poor children. I often hate watching the news. There are some awful stories on the Adelaide news in general, one this week I have not been able to get out of my mind about a poor little 4 year old boy. So sorry to hear you were a victim of Violence at home as a child. A stable and happy childhood is such a gift that so many don't have. xxx