Tuesday, 16 February 2016

F#$k Yeah, Tim Minchin.

I have been known to shout at the telly and the radio when I get angry at what has been said.

Like some bonehead MP who said that changes to negative gearing would stop the poor from buying their second home.

I screamed "they can't even afford their first home", DICKHEAD!"

Tony Abbott would bring about cussing at the telly pretty much every time he appeared on the idiot box.

Very little can make me scream at the telly or the radio more than anything to do with George Pell. The man makes me AAANGRY. So does pretty much everyone in that realm who avoided justice for heinous abuses of the vulnerable. If hell exists, there is a special place there for people who do this, or are complicit in hiding it.

Now Cardinal Pell is avoiding facing the Royal Commission with claims that he is too ill to fly.

An Australian intensivist has offered to chaperone him

Tim Minchin has added to the chorus, as he does in his clever and subversive way.


Fuck yeah, Tim.


  1. Oh yes, good on Tim Minchin. What an utter disgrace. I was flabbergasted years ago when he went to Rome. I have a close friend whose cousin (I knew) was molested at his elite Brisbane school. Later in his troubled life he had a serious police incident and then shot himself. I often think of him. Thank you for posting this, Cilla.

    1. It makes me sad and angry to think of all the lives destroyed, first by the abuse, second by the cover up, third that the most senior Catholic in the land has done as little as he can to redress this.

  2. Yep - I’m with Tim.

  3. Saw the movie Spotlight the other day about the Catholic Church sexual abuse cover up in Boston. Excellent movie.
    Right on about our MPs and negative gearing, so out of touch with the real world and as for taxing backpackers over 30%, that is unbelievable, no more fruit pickers and the economy here in Byron Bay will be seriously affected.

    1. 30%! The rich don't often pay that much.
      I don't think I would be able to stomach the "Spotlight" movie - I think I'd get too angry.
      Thanks for visiting :D