Sunday, 31 May 2015

Good Kiwi Things.

Despite the gentle ribbing and sheep jokes and taking the pi55 out of the accent (fush and chups, bro) there is a very genuine affection between Australia and New Zealand. Must go back to the ANZACs. I am forthcoming in saying that NZ is ahead of Australia in some things; Marriage Equality, environmental friendliness and, dare I say it, the Rugby.

My fella is Kiwi, and he is orright, too.

This week has been a big week, full of a few good Kiwi things.

NZ punches above its weight in terms of making good music, to the point that we will adopt some bands as our own. One of which is Crowded House. There are very few people who don't like Crowded House, or Split Enz. Such catchy and eclectic music, something for everyone there, and some of the songs are just made for karaoke nights.

On Wednesday, we went to see Crowded House frontman Neil Finn at the Recital Centre.

There was a lot of love in the room. It was Neil's birthday, and a few songs in, somebody shouted "Happy birthday" and passed a present and a card to the stage. The room erupted in a chorus of Happy Birthday. Neil, in his sheepish way, sort of smiled and shuffled his feet. Later, he became bolder, bantering with the Audience and showing a sense of humour. He played piano, played the guitar, and even trotted out a string orchestra. He even picked a member of the audience to play a few notes on the piano to accompany him.

One of my favourite songs from the set was this one. Take the time to watch the video, it is one of the most cleverly arranged songs I have ever heard.

He also did a beautiful stripped-back version of "Message to My Girl", the audience burst into applause when the first piano riffs of the song were played. I struggle not to cry when I hear this song, particularly when stripped back and heartfelt like he played it.

It was a magic night, one of the best concerts I have been to, and the Audience were on their feet afterward.

I confess to harbouring a bit of a crush; he has aged well, even better than my other ageing crush, Johnny Farnham.

The other good Kiwi thing this week:

We has a dishwasher! It is a Fisher and Paykel, and the knowledgeable of you might know F&P are (were) a Kiwi brand. The Parent company is now Haier, a Chinese company.

As far as I am concerned, the house is complete for the time being. I hate washing dishes, my talents lying elsewhere.

The weekend has been taken up with being a mock examiner for the physician exams, and thesis writin'. No rest for the wicked, etc.

Any good things for you recently?


  1. I love Crowded House and the Finns. Would have cried too, hearing a version of Message to my Girl like that....
    Good work re the dishwasher; you won't know yourself. I spy those macarons though, now I'll be out buying some today. Am counting down weeks until my Leave from the chalkface. That is my good thing. Time to breathe. Xx

  2. Good news on the dishwasher!! I had no dishwasher for the first three years we lived in our Melbourne house, and vowed I'd never do it again. I loath and detest washing dishes. Didn't know that F&P was now Chinese, but that figures!
    The concert sounds amazing -they were an awesomely good band to see in the flesh (as compared to others who are a decided let down), and Neil on his own sounds brilliant. Although I can't believe you love old Johnny Farnham?!! xx

  3. I never knew F&P were from New Zealand. When we lived in our house in Melbs, we never even used the dishwasher for the first couple years, thinking it was a bit of a wank, esp just for two of us.Plus, the cost of the tablets... Then we gradually warmed to it.

    Now I'm at Mum's and the lack of dishwasher drives me nuts. It's not even the washing dishes part but having somewhere to stack the dirty dishes out of the way.

  4. Hello

    There are many great things out of NZ (including my best friend of over 37 years), however, Neil Finn himself has stated that Crowded House are NOT a NZ band, they are an Aussie Band - formed in Melbourne with two Aussies and one NZer who just happens to be the lead singer. Split Enz defs a NZ band though. And well done on admitting your love for Farnsy - Me TOO!!
    Like very much reading your blog and I wish you well on your thesis etc.