Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Hard Yards, the Home Stretch...then BCN!

Hello from dreary Melbourne.

Melbourne put on some craptacular weather during the last week, with the mercury some days not really going abouve 10 degrees.

This made going outside, or exercising, seem ridiculous. I got some steps in at the shopping centre. Carrie Bradshaw was right, and shopping is actually cardio.

The weather has made it all the more appealing to sit inside and get the last throes of the thesis written. It really is like the last bit of a 10km fun run, like from about 8.5km, where you feel tired, but too excited about the finish to drop the pace. You want to pick the pace up and do a magnificent sprint finish.

I am nearly there, friends. Just one more results chapter, which should not take too long. I don't know whether I should re-read all my chapters and do the conclusions chapter, so I might leave it till after Barcelona.

Barcelona, people!

I am off next Sunday evening. I am super excited, and planning some gadding about as well as the conference. I am craving the sunlight and novelty, as the "rat in a cage" feeling is mounting here at home. I've been to BCN a few years ago, but that was during winter. I am planning to visit the Sagrada Familia again, as that is a work in progress. I would also like to do a bike tour. I have had some bikini line "surgery" performed so that I can go swimming in the pool of the hotel I am staying at for the first couple of days. Swimming (or really just splashing about in the pool) really says holidays to me.

At the present, I am at work, just psyching myself up to write my presentation that I am giving at the conference. I am also excited to be sharing my research with an international audience.

Well I had better get on to it!

Do any of you have some tips for things to do in BCN?


  1. Safe travels and enjoy! I'd love to visit BCN myself one day.

    SSG xxx

  2. Beaches are not great but food is so good! Have a great time

  3. fantastic! ... going to Barcelona cilla!
    I have been there it's fabulous! although we were hampered, by having our hire car broken into along the costa brava coast! the people helping us were amazing though! ...everything gaudi! I've been an art student so art and history is a favourite! the tapas and everything is great!
    we weren't even going to spain, but we saw a sign saying 36k to Barcelona and I
    I went berserk! YES! ... only to drive down the freeway to see it was 345k's too late we were commited then! ... and we didn't need a visa! ... 1995! seems like yesterday!
    sagrada familia and la casa mila definitely! and other gaudi works!
    shopping eating you name it it's there! ... tad excited for you! ... got carried away!
    enjoy love merilyn x

  4. How exciting! So much to look forward to :D

  5. What a good end to the week you have planned!! I've not been to Barcelona, but it's on my list. My husband likes the food in Barcelona a lot… enjoy the heat - it's been freezing here too. I feel like it should be the end of Winter. Good luck with the rest of the thesis writing. x