Thursday, 21 May 2015

The End Is Nigh. Masterchef.

So the end-date has been set and the clock is ticking....10/8/2015 is the due date for submission of the thesis, but I hope to get a full draft to the supervisors prior to me going to Barcelona in mid-June. I am now officially balls to the wall, trying to get it done. Goodbye weekends for the time being. I respond well to a deadline, particularly with something nice like a big trip afterward!

I am super looking forward to Barcelona. For the first couple of nights, I have booked a nice hotel with a pool so I can get over my jetlag. There is this whole thing about "earthing", getting your feet onto grass, sand or into water is very therapeutic in treating jetlag.

I also look forward to the Barcelona sunshine. Here in Melbourne, the weather has got the winter memo a bit early, and it is a bit foul. I am craving cosy knits, soups and thick socks. And, as always, chocolate

One TV show that speaks to me of winter is Masterchef. It is about the only reality show that I am able to tolerate, although I get super stressed out when the contestants stuff up or get close to time.

It is Marco week on Masterchef. Old Marco Pierre White. I actually don't particularly like him, he looks like he is acting as a baddie in a C grade drama. The "nice" words he has with the contestants are entirely unconvincing. In fact, the only time I felt he was being himself was when he told a chef (bought in for an immunity challenge) that he "hates" salmon roe and it "ruined" the dish.

We had our garage sale last weekend, and sold some stuff. I am in the process of selling some more stuff on ebay.... super interesting, I am having to measure lots of lengths. I have already had an item "bought" by a Phisher...

Perhaps induced by my deadline, the weekdays seem to whizz by very quickly. I am getting my hair did on the weekend, perhaps a bit shorter.

How do you go with deadlines?
How do you manage jetlag?
What reality shows can you watch?


  1. Don't know ebay - what do you mean bought by a phisher? Didn't know that was a thing!

    1. Essentially a spam robot hijacked a real persons account, bought the item and sent me a message inviting me to sell and communicate off the ebay platform!

  2. Good for you- getting your thesis draft in early! Nothing like a deadline to motivate. And for your garage sale. Hadn't heard about 'earthing' before, but will give it a go one day :)

  3. I use going overseas as my deadline often. It's the best way to work. I set a goal of finishing and releasing three novels before I went overseas. Yeah, I have 2 and half weeks to finish the third one... mmm, must write!

  4. Masterchef is my crack. Though I am a reality TV junkie. It's my guilty pleasure and something that allows me to truly switch off and not-think. It's lovely.