Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Keeping the equilibrium.

In times of stress, I feel I need to very deliberately offset the stress with nice things.

For instance, I spent all Sunday, alone in my work office, working on my PhD. It is in many ways like the last phases of a marathon - you can see the finish but it is hella painful.

I am on leave next week to spend some quality time with this bad boy.

Hence, last Saturday was active relaxation time. I went to a nice local shop called Village Vineyard, the owner of which is a lovely lady whom I have met socially

I only bought the essentials

I got my Namaste on at Yoga.

I got my eyelashes tinted and permed (PS it's awesome), and had a facial. PS. My skin is still a quagmire, despite multiple measures. I see the dermatologist next week. Unfortunately anything very effective for acne is also a no-no when trying for a bub.

I have been doing plenty of exercise. Yesterday I did some pull-ups. Granted they were assisted by a big elastic band around my feet to take some of my weight. However I was super-excited. I have also been lifting heavy weights and perfecting deep squats. Very challenging to the balance.

Here are my badass hand grips which helped my hands not to be chafed to shreds

But some more very stressful news this afternoon sent me into a bit of a tailspin.
It really is a matter of quickly trying to claw the sanity back, psychologically.
The stress acutely intensified my gratitude for the very excellent things in my life. The acute stress lasted an hour or so, then I could raise my eyes above it.

Life really is about trying to keep mental equilibrium among all the vicissitudes. Much like I need to keep my balance while doing awesome crossfit moves by making rapid postural corrections.

How do you regain your equilibrium after a stressor?


  1. I'm so sorry to hear things have been so stressful Cilla. Hang in there - it will all improve in time. I'm probably not a poster child for stress management… I tend to shop for something frivolous (like a party dress or very high heels) when I'm feeling stressed, which is not exactly good for finances. But a massage also helps sometimes… really it's doing something that is a treat and gives you time out mentally that does it. xx

  2. Acupuncture is my go to. When I had skin issues I went to dermatologists all over the world and none fixed it. I went to a tcm doctor in Russell St- he's American but speaks fluent Chinese and he sorted what others couldn't plus I had never been so healthy as a by product. We all have stresses but actually it's also no big deal in the greater scheme of things x

  3. I often get really stuck into sorting out the house-work when I feel like things are getting to me badly. Short term I really keep clear of anyone that is going to make me feel more stressed (like my dear friend who has ASD love her, but...). I have a work issue ATM relating to admin and workload intensification. It's challenging enough to be a worker full-time, let alone dealing with stressors out of the ordinary. I have to be careful I don't binge on sugary foods, too! Sorry, my comment is no help! :/ xxx I really think post-tertiary study must be such a workload - so remember that might be the trigger and it won't be around forever.

  4. a) (((HUGS))) to you darl.
    b) weights/exercise is good, especially if circumstances do not permit chardonnay (eg it's 9am)
    c) deep breathing and a bit of a cry if possible

  5. Oh gosh your nice things sound so very very nice.
    Stress is always with us but you certainly have some good strategies for combating it.
    I'm very impressed with the chin ups

  6. Isn't stress just the pits? We all have it in some way but I agree somethings are acutely stressful and seem to come at you out of nowhere. I am sorry you have been under pressure and hope things get better soon.

    I must admit I go down the debrief with friends/husband and do resort to a little cheering retail therapy. So basically I shop and drink wine with my friends. Perhaps I need a more functional strategy…!!

    I hope things get better for you. Sometimes I do think it is the old adage of "suit up and show up" and keep putting one foot in front of the other. You get through most things that way.

    Take care Cilla.