Monday, 6 April 2015

And she has risen.. I think.

Just like Mr. Christ needing a few days and being right as rain after, I am definitely feeling better for a few days off.

I made the decision early not to do any work on my thesis over the long weekend.
Instead, I had a mostly "shouldless" weekend.

I ate some restorative bacon - Lolo and Wren is a great cafe in West Brunny. Bacon really does make things better.

I binge-watched this.
Love these Girls.

I did some crossfit.

Not me. From

My ankle was a bit better.

Less cankle, more ankle.

Hence I went for a run. Only 15 minutes or so, but it was good

Not me either.

I ate chocolate till the desire to eat chocolate was exhausted.
(I am doing a mindful eating thing - it is suggested that we give ourselves the licence to occasionally eat as much as we like of something yummy - we often eat less than we think we are going to.)

And dusted off a bottle of this, and drank. It was delicious.

I spent some time with my fella. I encouraged him to take a couple of days away from working. He did as he was told. Time to reconnect.

I caught up with Nicole for an Indian Feast.

I did some hard-core decluttering, and have a big pile of stuff to sell to a clothing store.

Though coming to work and casting my eyes over the piles on my desk made me want to jab a pen in my eye sigh, I am building up a head of steam again. I have a week "off" in a couple of weeks, actually to write my thesis and attend some appointments. There are conferences interstate and overseas coming up in the next couple of months.

Thank you all so very much for your very lovely comments on my last post. It helped me get up and dust myself off.

How were your Easter Weekends?
Do anything interesting?


  1. Glad you're loving Crossfit. And glad you took the weekend off!!

    SSG xxx

  2. Good work, Cilla. I have been feeling like rubbish of late, too. Trying to get a big more sorted so I don't worry over things 'needing to be done'. I haven't walked for yonks though because I have a heal soreness....plantar fascia or something like that. I got it because I did too much walking in a worn out pair of runners!!! Silly me. I had a lovely Easter weekend, we planned some really nice seafood meals and saw a couple of friends. Not much else. Tidying up things now for some visitors from Adelaide. Peops we really love. Excited. I take my hat off to those who do post-graduate study as well as work and/or have kiddies! I don't know how they do it. Keep balancing the 'life-pie'. Xxx

  3. Good to see you having a mini break. Glad to hear it was restorative x

  4. It all sounds so good. I'm very glad your ankle is on the mend.
    It was lovely to catch up too :)

  5. I love your sense of humour and the way you write ... thankyou for sharing cila!
    I'm going to give a doctor some advice! ... because! ... watch that ankle as my daughter did a similar thing years ago and has had a weakness since!
    and whilst doing zumba last week, she sprained it again ... looked much like yours! ... slowly does it! enjoy your break! love merilyn:)X

  6. Easter seems so long ago now. It's just the same old thing here, no break from work because my boss is a slave driver. I did get told, by my mother, that I'd go to hell because I don't care about the whole not eating meat on Good Friday crap.

    Orange is the New Black is the best.