Monday, 12 January 2015

On baby planning and brain overheating.

2 posts in 2 days. That is a lot, for me.

I went to a posh baby shower on the weekend, in a super posh suburb.
It was full of rich educated women. Strictly speaking I am one of them. I looked like most of them (nicely dressed, groomed, accessorised, sporting precious stones etc).
Underneath it all, I am a bogan from wezza. The privilege sticks out to me, and I feel different. I am fine with that.
It makes for interesting people watching, being the bogan posing as a rich white woman.

Dainty quantities of posh food were taken. Some sipped a glass of champagne (only one thankyou) and some wanted soda water. No sugary drinks. Private schools and renovations to houses in posh suburbs were discussed.

It was very different to a non-posh baby shower.

The presence of "all things baby" is ubiquitous as oxygen and food. It's everywhere. It can cloud my consciousness.

The process of "trying for baby", try as I might to be patient and not worry about it too much, takes up a lot of my consciousness too.

For the latter half of every cycle, I am second-guessing every glass of vino I have. Wondering whether that carb craving or those sore boosies are related to a pregnancy or a non-pregnancy (pms). That takes up a lot of brain space.

Making two parallel sets of plans for the year. Trying to be ok with both of them. Alternatively trying not to look past the first six months of the year, and PhD completion. Trying to be ok with some uncertainty regarding my work that might occur after that. Trying to tell myself that things will work out for the best.

My brain is a bit overheated at the moment.

How do you  guys deal with uncertainty? Anyone care to share?


  1. I deal with uncertainty by losing myself in good books, exercise and the things that are certain.

    On baby showers, mine was a work one. We didn't do fancy. Definitely no champagne. Just good food, mugs of catering tea bag tea and lots of wisdom. I loved it.

    SSG xxx

  2. And I travelled. And drink lots of champagne....

    SSG xxx

  3. I never had a baby shower. They seem to be the norm now but only 9 years ago they were completely uncommon. I actually don't think I've ever been to one now I think about it?
    There are many life uncertainties, pregnancy being only one. I usually have multiple and in my head and then whatever happens happens.

  4. I'm not good with uncertainty. Fortunately I fell pregnant first try for all my boys, and even then I took a number of pregnancy tests to make sure. I hope you can relax and enjoy whatever the year has in store for you. x

  5. I detest uncertainty. I feel terribly calm when I have everything all mapped out. I don't have any baby yearning but I feel like my current path of study is holding me back from so many things. I need a better job now, but what if I don't have time to study? Or what if I can't take days off easily to attend lectures? So I stay.
    At the end of this I know I need to get a good challenging career happening again and that freaks me out too...