Monday, 12 January 2015

NZ Holiday. Things I like about NZ.

Howdy ladybugs!

I have just come back from NZ. I really wish I were still on holiday. We had a delightful time.

We started out in Christchurch, where my Fella's family live, for his special "zero" birthday. We headed up to Hanmer Springs, an alpine spa town, much like Daylesford in Victoria. We spent NYE there (the town pub was going off like a frog in a sock). We then headed up to Picton, the gateway to the Marlborough sounds. We spent 5 nights there, doing a hike, a kayak, a wine tour and a trip to Blenheim. We saw birds, seals, the hills, the sea, sunshine. We ate, drank, talked, laughed and generally reconnected.

It was great for the soul.

NYE. Scallops, Pork belly and Tamarind - OH MY.

Off from Picton, Into the Sounds we go!

If you look'll see the seal posse!
oooh, look!
And these little birdies are called Oyster Catchers

A hard earned thirst was watered here, after the walk

You know the Savvy B? This is where it comes from!

The savvy b went down very well with this.

Some things I love about NZ
  • The food. No really. They make good food, especially in Christchurch. Not so much in Picton. 
  • The coffee. Most places. A flattie comes with two shots as a norm. 
  • The vino.
  • The People. Very friendly, very chilled.
  • The public toilets. They are always clean, and they are never without toilet paper or hand soap.
  • Tui Beer. Yes. Tui is to NZ like VB is to Victoria - a bit of a bogan beer. But it is a beer I like. And I don't like much beer.
  • Whittaker's chocolate.
  • Fush and Chups. Particularly in Kaikoura. Check out Tiki Takeaways if you are passing through. Best Fush and Chups ever.
  • The rivers. You can see right to the bottom, they are so clear. 
  • The difference between mince pies and steak pies, and that they are both meat pies!

 Am now back at work and acutely feeling the post-holiday blues. Today, Monday has come with a few "thwacks" from left field. It gives me good practice to keep my focus on completing the PhD, rather than sweating the "thwacks". It's also practice in having faith that things will work out as they are meant to.

Next trip will likely be to Boston. For the conferences.
There is a bit going on between then and now, so hard to focus on that. Un giorno per tempo, I was told.

I am really enjoying being home with the woofer, though. No matter what thwacks the day has bought, she always makes me smile.


  1. O my gawd, your puppy looks SO happy! NZ is the best. I love the people I honestly think the 'kiwis' are some of the nicest people around. Sounds like you have picked up a bit of Kiwi vernacular. The food enjoyed looks spectacular like those outdoor excursions you took! What a great looking holiday. My fun is rapidly coming to an end next week. Back to work....

  2. I love NZ too and think I might consider adding it on my next trip down under. Gosh you pup looks so happy and content. really sweet to see x

  3. I must visit NZ for myself! Glad you had such a lovely holiday.

    SSG xxx

  4. NZ is fabulous - we got back on Sunday. Totally agree with you regarding the food, the scenery is stunning, the people are noice, rarely drink alcohol or coffee - so can't comment there, and I still revert back to the Cadburys. And I raved to my hubby how clean the ladies loos were over there - it's not just me then. Special mention to the Rose Garden at the Christchurch Botannical gardens - wow. The top of the south island - the Abel Tasman National Park - Kaiteriteri - is stunning also.

    So nice to be back home with the four legged friends though - miss them very much.

    Leigh x