Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Impulse buy(s)

There is this clothing/accessories/lifestyle shop near where I live, it is called ili (I love it). It is owned by a woman who is a stylist. She stocks lots of Australian brands like Sacha Drake, Mesop, Elk, Walnut, Nicole Fendel etc.

She also stocks a label called nancybird. Nina from Offspring wore a lot of the clothes and Accessories.

I have been there to look around and have a chat with the saleslady a few times, but never felt confident to buy anything. Today, I bought this. It's silk. Look:

Image courtesy of

I shall style it with some grey skinny jeans and sandals. Or blue/indigo jeans.
Or with a straight skirt for work.

Also, I have a few weddings coming up. Any good ideas of where to get formal-ish dresses?

I quite like this frock from DeCjuba. It would look good with a gold belt. But it might be a bit bright.

I generally love garments that you can throw on and feel fab. That can be dressed up or down. I bought this from Katies a couple of weeks ago, after I saw it on Sonia Styling.

image via Sonia Styling (who is on my blogroll - she is a babe)

How would you style these? 
Any good buys you wish to talk about? Brag here!


  1. Oh my lord we are twins! Hilarious!

  2. The silk is gorgeous. The print looks like coral. :D
    It will be a great festive season piece. I am on your side I a babe, too??? Xxx

  3. I love that silk top, C!!!!

    SSG xxx

  4. A good local boutique is worth its weight in gold Cilla!! I used to go to one in North Carlton (in Rathdown Street, not sure if it's still there) called Frisk. The woman who owned it was excellent. Had such a good eye, all small independent designer stuff, really interesting bits and pieces. Love the colours in the top - feels very summery. Hope you're getting some good weather (was so bloody cold on Thursday for my very brief trip to Melb)!! xx

  5. I don't think the DeCjuba dress is too bright but it's polyester. I hate wearing polyester esp in summer.

    I usually hate maxi dresses on me until I get to certain point in summer then I'm like must have maxi dress NOW. I think it's at the point where it's stinking hot and I can't be bothered shaving my legs.

    The silk top is lovely. I could see with some tight capris and ballet flats. I'm thinking like Audrey Hepburn in that movie where she works in the bookshop.