Monday, 6 October 2014

Cilla wants.

Continuing on with the theme of the last dress, I have been looking for an occasion dress (I've a few weddings coming up).

I want this one!

It's the Atiya dress from Coast.

I am thinking nude heels and diamante earrings. What say you?

I went to the Bill Bailey concert last night.

Bill Bailey is the funniest and cleverest man in the world. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. He poked fun at our government, he told funny long winded stories, did interpretive dance and sang Abba's "Waterloo" in the style of Rammstein. In German.

I think I have a bit of a crush....

I am now trying to write a talk for a presentation I am giving on the weekend.
I agreed to it 6 months ago.
I know.
No good deed unpunished.

I am running the 10 km event in the Melbourne Marathon event this weekend. I have a bit of a dicky calf. Fingers and toes crossed for me, 'kay?

I am procrastinating....
better apply nose to grindstone....


  1. Yes, best to get cracking. Some clever people (like you) can do amazing things under pressure. Love that dress; it looks a bit like flowery nebulas or night skies. Get a big fun pair of diamanté earrings from somewhere like Lovisa.
    You deserve a medal for maintaining your fitness for 10k runs.
    Still regularly walking here, but nothing outstanding.
    Can you heat or ice dicky calf? I pulled mine once at Bootcamp and had to drag my leg around sideways at the chalkface...the weird thing was no-one commented.
    Keep writing and rehearsing.xx

  2. Everything crossed for the big run.

    Love that frock.

    SSG xxx

  3. Fab dress - love the print and it will look great with nude heels.
    Good luck witht the presentation. I winged one today!!

  4. He is very popular over there but he is very good no? But I hope you see the physio for the calf beforehand? dont take any chances and good luck!!

  5. OMG fab dress. I'd not do nude shoes but that's because I don't do earth tones. I'd try to pick up one of the blues or reds in the dress. Actually that's a lie. I'd wear black shoes because I wear black shoes 90% of the time.

    Good luck with the run.

  6. I have no idea who Bill Bailey is. Now I feel old.
    Love the dress, I really like all the prints that are around at the moment. Sounds like you've got an action packed weekend with the talk and the run. You'll deserve something nice after all that virtuous activity!