Monday, 25 November 2013

Music Festivals. Compliments. The cbfs.

Hello and happy Monday! Greetings from the wifi I have finally managed to set up!

I had a big bout of multifactorial mondayitis, but managed to shake it off by going to my running group.

Every Monday and Wednesday, at about 4:30, I develop a great case of the cbfs.

There are about 20 things I would rather do than run. Especially on a nice day like this. Most of them involve wine and eating things that are yummy.

And yet, barring injury or foul weather, I go.

I always feel better. It helped my mondayitis.

Oh, and on the topic of running, on the 17th, I ran the 14km city to sea event. I promised a photo. Here 'tis.

 My smile and red face says it all, really.

I have had a few back issues recently, these are longstanding. I have been recommended a physiotherapist who also practices acupuncture. I went to see him today, for the second time. He did some pushypushy, some needling and some cupping.

He is quite gentle, very zen like. I am a liker of a good firm massage, if it doesn't have me whimpering it is not working.

But we shall see how it goes. The back gave me no curry in training today.

Over the weekend, the fella and I decamped to Queenscliff for the music festival.

Geelong (like Melbourne) was doing its spring thing - a bit of rain, a bit of bitey sun. Not great for a music fest. Weather was better last year.

I have to confess I find it hard to "attach" to bands or singers.... I may only like one song of theirs. Hence when I am feeling tired and chilly and my feet are sore, I would prefer to decamp to the comfort of the bed rather than stay out till 11pm to catch the act. I missed some of the bigger acts. I am ok with this.

The bands I loved were Saskwatch

And the Melbourne Ska Orchestra. Hard to find a good video. If they are playing in your area, you should see them. They will have you dancing and laughing in equal measure.

I also got a few surprises in the way of Jeff Lang (guitar virtuoso), the Transvaal Diamond Syndicate (dirty heavy grungy blues), and the Brow Horn Orchestra (big band meets rap meets reggae and everything in between).

They also had great food trucks there - I had yummy tacos, poboys, the best chai masala outside of india, dosa masala...I ate all the things.

The people watching was interesting.... overexcited schoolies, old rockers, young families and hipsters... all together.

Note to the ladies - putting black opaque stockings underneath summer dresses/ short denim shorts does not a good outfit maketh.... IMHO.....Just sayin'.

Note to schoolies - don't smoke joints in the concert tents. I will smack you on the bum, or shake my finger (don't even get me started)

Anywho.... I had a lovely weekend with the fella. He is gallavanting all over the place to conferences for the next 10 or so days.
I shall miss him.

To change a topic.

There have been a few instances recently where I have been paid a compliment.
Today, a former colleague who I had a brief catch up with sent me an email, saying "you look beautiful".

What did I do?

I brushed it off.
I thought "surely you blow smoke up my bottom".

I do that often.

Yet I will take to heart a criticism. Either an internal or external (or imagined) criticism. Take it on board.

Perhaps it might be a relatively easy thing to learn to accept compliments?
I have just been reading this post from Nikki at Styling you.
Some food for thought there.

Good night. Or good day. Depending on what time you read this.

How do you graciously (or not) take a compliment?
What music do you like?
Any aches or pains at present? Carte blanche to whinge here.


  1. There are some who def over compliment so it doesn't have the same value if being blunt. Then there are some who are genuine - it is hard to say thank you but it really is the best response.

    I like all music but I don't do festivals. I have given away tickets I for some odd reason get given sometimes for Glastonbury. Even in my twenties never went.

    Glad you found a good acupuncturist though x

  2. Well, I am going to say you look radiant and beautiful in that selfie...even after the run. I love a good compliment. I have trained the junior workers at the chalkface to give them. When someone says something complimentary I always make a bit of a deal of it. The other day a junior worker said, Miss, you really love yourself, don't you? very nicely to me. It was funny. I understand people's aches and pain since just over a year ago I sustained permanent nerve (Ian) and jaw ache from dental removal. Stay lovely. Xx

  3. Ahh, the CBFs. It's only Tuesday and I'm tired already...

    SSG xxx

  4. Left a comment but sometimes blogger acts up.

    I try and say thank you but it is hard for some daft reason! self deprecation is cute but excessively can equally be annoying so even if it is hard - smile and say ta! xx