Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Moving. 'Scuses. Christmas.

Gah, it has been a while.

I have 'scuses.

These are:
1. I've moved
2. I have no wifi at home
3. Work has been busy. Rewarding but busy.

They are good 'scuses, I think.

So I have now *officially* been in our new place a week. The move went ok, apart from the breakage of a single bowl. Pfft. Won't miss that bowl, there are other, better bowls.

And so commences the long and arduous process (with the emphasis on Long) of unpacking.

In packing up, I was fairly ruthless with chucking stuff out, so hopefully it won't be too painful.

However our mattress is still on the floor. It will be a while till the bed is up as the fella has to go away to a couple of conferences. He says he quite likes being down low. Good think I am laid back about these things!

Moving might be considered also a good excuse for flopping my butt down on the couch and having takeaway and copious amounts of wine.

I did not scuse myself from healthy eating and exercise.

The night I moved across, I went to my training as usual. And followed it up with a home cooked dinner.

On Sunday, I ran the 14km City to Sea event. Here is me at the finish line.

(Blogger does not seem to want to do it now, will put it up later....)

Anywho, I ran it. I have had some back pain which I am getting seen to. This body is a temple. During the week and some weekends, anyways.....

I have a trainer who is very nice but kicks me up the butt tells me firmly what I need to do. I have been trying as much as possible to do as she says. She seems to know what she is talking about. And I don't think many people know what they are talking about so that says something.

We are moving inexorably towards Christmas. In the past, for many and varied reasons, I have found Christmas a very challenging time of the year, and was very bah humbug.

Things are very different this year. More so this year than last year. Things are better.

My sister, who usually does the "don't buy me anything because I can't afford to buy you anything" thing about this time of the year, has arranged a Kris Kringle.

This decreases the financial burden on her and allows her to participate. The thing is that I would like to buy for all my family and don't know what the etiquette is about that.
Although on reflection stuff is less important than the togetherness.

The only issue is that I was allocated getting her boyfriend a present. Like a significant one.

I don't want to get her boyfriend a significant present. I would be happy just to get him a bottle of merlot as a token thing.

This is because

a. He likes merlot
b. I haven't met him that many times and don't know him that well
c. I confess I don't particularly like what I have seen of him (my mum refers to him as "whathisface"). Also see a above. He clearly cannot be trusted.

My boyfriend has been allocated to my brother's girlfriend.

I don't know. Think I just have to deal with the discomfort and roll with the plan. And make different arrangements next year.

But I have embraced the festive period to committing to glaze a ham. A good ham. I've never done that before.
I am looking forward to the ham, perhaps more than anything else.

My fella has embraced the festive period by ordering 2 cases of assorted wines for the day.
That'll sort out me and him, wonder what others will be drinking :P

Anyway this weekend we are off to the Queenscliff Music Festival.

I am looking forward to it! The place we are staying has a nice pool, and I have performed depilatory procedures in readiness.

So have your festive preparations commenced?
And do you have to do anything / spend time with anyone you are not comfortable with?


  1. Congrats on the move. I am a fan of secret Santas, although I don't think you need to worry too much if you buy others a gift as well. I would never be offended by extra gifts x

  2. Settling is part of the fun! Yes it's starting to. E that time of the year again...server Santa always lifts the mood except my lot we buy pressies and then do a random draw on the day so adds to the excitement!

  3. Well done on the move, C!

    I have sorted out the champagne for Christmas and am planning Santa photo venues next.

    SSG xxx