Friday, 14 July 2017

The $6600 lump.

After the ovary stimulating, then blocking, then triggering, then plucking, then watching, I have a single embryo to transfer.

One of the two was aneuploid (genetically abnormal) and so is no good to transfer (I wonder where they put the spent, faulty embryos? I am sure they have a routine).

One. Statistically a 30, maybe 40% chance of implanting.

I had a little cry after I heard about the biopsy results. Now mostly I just feel numb.

The hormone stuff wasn't so bad.

I got the bill - the cost minus the rebate is the figure above. We are lucky we can comfortably make that payment.

I can't get excited about this one little lump of cells. To put all my hope on it would seem unfair on it. The statistics are not that kind (they are not zero, but not great).

I am feeling a whole lotta "what the fuck" at the moment. I try not to extend the "wtf" into "it's so unfair" or anything like that. I feel the pain but don't think too hard.

I had a whole lotta PMS this week. Had a big ugly cry after seeing my friends newborn, but I regaled you with that story.

People say "stay positive" or "it only takes one" or even a weak "oh that's great, at least it's one", but it is not helpful sugar-coating things. It is not good to deny somebody their grief or anger.

I have a week more at work, then a week away, then a conference. Then the transfer.

Then, I don't know. We will see - maybe that $6600 clump of cells will be very badass and stick like a sticky thing.

Perhaps the hardest thing about the last couple of years has been the lack of certainty, having to think about multiple eventualities. I will try and make ourselves a nice Christmas, whatever happens. I am sick of dreading Christmas.


  1. You're very brave. You will work your way through this, whatever the outcome. Yes, important also to focus on other things, like the planning for a nice Christmas, as stressing over it (even though totally understandable) won't help. But you know that. Best wishes, and fingers crossed, Pamela

  2. Don't really have the proper words to say except I hope you are ok and many wish you well x

  3. Fingers still firmly crossed. Planning a nice Christmas sounds great. x

  4. I understand how disappointed you must be. I'll have all my digits crossed. Much love, Caitlin x

  5. Best Wishes Cilla.

  6. Anything I want to say just sounds trite. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. You have every right to feel sad, mad, optimistic or deflated, whatever the rollercoaster affords you at that time. Will be keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you that this is the one xx