Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Here is where I am at this very moment.

The good
  1. Hitting 2 x 45 kg push jerk at crossfit today. That's an overhead press for those of you playing at home.
  2. The free time I have now that I have jettisoned a couple of sessions, so that I can now catch up on my researchy things.
  3. That I have another job in the offing. It's temporary, but still.
  4. Another recent work addition. I have not lost my edge. The sharp mongrel is still there.
  5. I have a holiday to look forward to.
  6. I am still dreaming of a recent meal at Tahina in my 'hood (Israeli food) and some cake that a co-worker made. I know the word "moist" gives some people the heebie jeebies but this was a very apt descriptor for the chocolate banana cake I hoovered.
  7. I am obsessing over Nars cosmetics. That stuff is the shizz.
  8. My own sense of humour. Fuck I make myself laugh sometimes. 
  9. My dog, and all the other dogs in the neighbourhood. You guys rock.
The bad
  1. The second friend in a week announcing her pregnancy. It's kind of like a punch to the solar plexus.
  2. I feel a bit bad for leaving the job. They were nice people. However it was the right thing to do.
  3. I am missing wine. That sounds bad. I could have done with a vino this week. 
  4. I want to eat all the chocolate and all the chips too.
  5. I still have not submitted that paper. Some journals want things in minute detail but have such low word limits it precludes proper grammar or indeed the inclusion of the findings. Fuck.
  6. People who don't ring and cancel their appointments, nor do they return the call when the secretary calls to confirm.
The ugly
  1. Big zits. One just lateral to my left eyebrow. It's mainly covered up by hair when I wear my hair down. It's not at the squeezable stage but looks big and red and nasty and I fear it might explode and take my brain along with it.

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