Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Bachelor. Box jumps.

I know I said I wasn't gonna post but I just feel the need to debrief/download here.

The Bachelor is coming on telly.

I am angry.

Firstly because it is cutting into Offspring time. Yes I know Offspring *may* have jumped the shark, but it is still holy to me. Nina's outfits are on point this season. There is the hot dude from The Beautiful Lie coming on tonight, with a cameo from HRH Waleed Aly. THEY CAN'T DO THIS.

Mainly because the premise of The Bachelor is just wrong.

Beautiful women who mainly look a certain way. None above a size 10. Most caucasian. All with long hair. Intelligent enough but not enough to be threatening.

All throwing themselves at a guy who, while handsome, seems a little dull. With seemingly no regard for whether they actually are interested in Bachie. There was one lady in NZ bachelor who refused a rose. Respect.

In this day and age, we should be teaching young women that they don't have to throw themselves at a fella, that their desires matter, that they don't have to look a certain way in a frock, that they don't have to go for a guy just because the guy shows an interest. They have to be "cool" with throwing themselves off a plane or the fact he is pashing other girls.

There is so much wrong with it that I literally can't even.

Anyway, with regard to box jumps, they are coming along

We have a coach that says that my attitude towards them is all wrong.
I am making too big a thing of them, and have a learned fear of them. I can jump the height fine (over a stick put on top of the box) , but not on the box.

What I need to do is deal with them with the same confidence that I approach a deadlift. A "yep, I got this" approach. Then they won't be a big deal.

To use a bachelor analogy, I am trying too hard to impress Richie (Richie is the box). I have to be cool, or Richie (the box) won't respect me.


  1. I agree, Nina is slaying it in the wardrobe stakes. Much inspo.

    The Bachelor and Bachelorette.... I can't even. They make me squirm..

    SSG xxx

  2. PS - lovely you're still back blogging..


  3. I need to get on Google and check out Nina's style!!! Can you believe I have never watched Offspring. You need to be brave for Bootcamp. Full-stop. But I get the over-thinking bit....
    The premise of women fighting for one man....nope, the others can knock themselves out with that one... So wrong.
    I must confess, even though I rarely comment I got excited when I saw your post.

  4. As much as shows like Bachelor gets trashed it is just a darwinian process televised. It's like watching people eat in streets or on public transport, unseemly yet just a basic function we for some reason don't want to see being done yet we all know eating is a part of life. I also like long hair but that is bc short hair is genetically harsh and only favours people like Linda Evangelista and Grace Jones. We don't get offspring here.

    1. I'm thinking it's the way they've all had their makeup done - it's very barbie doll generic. I was looking on some instagram makeup artists feed the other day, and everyone ended up looking the same after they'd all been contoured to death with giant doe eyes. Mother of the Bride looked like a bride etc... I think up close you'd see it was all towelled on.
      I've never got into offspring, but have friends who are OBSESSED. So I understand. I'm just really bad at following a series, so with something like The Bachelor, I'll probably tune into the final two episodes after they've eliminated all the 'contestants'. Also, I keep thinking about that saying about polishing up a t.... when I see the men they've roped into it. Without the sharp suits and incredible dates they've supposedly thought up I think the lustre would wear off for the 'winning' girl fairly quickly.

    2. Pooping is a natural part of life too but I don't want to see anyone else do it.

  5. Haven't seen either. Rarely watch any reality TV programs, mostly find them mindless and irritating, except maybe The Voice when we stay with our son and family in Sydney. You'd probably be bored with the things we watch - last night it was the ABC News, Michael Portillo train travelling in Israel, then Rape of Europa (about the theft and destruction of works of art and historical buildings during WWII, and then the Book Show followed by a bit of Lateline. Monday nights have been watching the Australian Kennard series. Looking forward to seeing the Ab Fab movie as I loved this series. Best wishes, Pammie

  6. Ooops, that should be Kettering! Pammie

  7. I've never seen The Bachelor. I think it'd kill myself if I got the urge to watch it. I don't watch free to air TV, don't even have the telly tuned in for it because it seems pretty pointless. Netflix, on the other hand... I guess the point is, if I want to watch shit telly, I do it mindfully.