Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My happy place.

It is frigid in Melbourne at the moment. Bone-chilling, squeal and pant when you step outside, frickin freezing.

I have some planned sojourns to warmer climes, Sydney this coming weekend, Bali next month. However, I have a friend who lives in Costa Rica. I want to go to Costa Rica. Officially, they have Zika there, a no-go for anyone wanting to get pregnant, but the real deal there is Chikungunya.

But no, there will be no Costa Rica. Not at the moment anyway.

It's cold and it's dark. A few things are niggling, in my life. The new job has some rather challenging aspects, without going into it too much. While I am not overtly stressed, and I have much to feel grateful for, I am feeling a bit seasonal-affective-disorder-y. A bit "fuck this shit, I'm going to Costa Rica".

It's good to find the happy places in our lives. For me, it is the places we can be ourselves. I have spent a lot of my life feeling uncomfortable, wondering how I was being received, not being comfortable to be myself. I have worked on that, but also surrounded myself with people who I feel comfortable with. Unfortunately that is not always possible.

People who are not me may find this next bit boring, but one of the places I feel free to be myself is the crossfit gym. It is the only place I happily leave bed for, early in the morning, in the cold.

I am surrounded by inspiring people, who share many of the same quirks I have. I can sweat, grunt, swear, fart (heavy lifting, don't judge me) and just push myself, be my best self and be encouraged for that. And afterwards I often go out for excellent coffee (and often an avocado/banana/cacao hipster smoothie) with some of the epic ladies I work out with.

At the moment, it's my happy place. With that at the start of the day, I can manage the cold, the drudgery, the facepalm moments, the discombobulation, and the urges to bugger off to Costa Rica.

Oh yeah- we recently had a competition. I came nearly last. However there was an award for the people who put in the most effort - the "becoming the bull" award (our gym is called Charge as in Charge like a Bull).

I won the lady one!

 Where is your happy place?


  1. I read something about Costa Rica.... I didn't even know where it was!
    Cilla, I love it.....The Bull Award. A few years ago before I got the IAN damage from botched wisdom tooth extraction I was going to a Bootcamp 3 of 4 days per week. OMG I was a different animal - afterwards as high as a kite for the working day - those endorphins were like a mind altering drug! I still manage to walk quite a bit, but can't doing exerting stuff without my nerve ending yelling out 'hey, we are signalling, but we have no where to go...' Horrible feeling. Walking is my happy place, during the walk there is a little bush landscape area recognising traditional owners and whenever I walk through I imagine I am in Gondwana land and hear stuff!! And doesn't coffee taste great when you have a clear head and you've just exercised!!!! Are you going to Frida in SYD? Isabella Blow, too. I need to get there! Xx

  2. Maybe I should try crossfit. I used to worry that I'd become one of those people but I've been going to the local paleo cafe without that happening :D It does seem like something that's easy to do when travelling because it's everywhere.

    The weather is insane. It's so bad in Tas, we keep getting housebound! Add poor home insulation to that and bed is my happy place.