Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Can't do light.

I have lost a bit of my blogging mojo, friends.

I have no problem reading blogs, and writing comments as intelligent and encouraging as I can muster, but I have had trouble writing a post. I wrote a post a week or so ago, but decided to take it down soon after, as it wasn't something I was very comfortable sharing.

Perhaps trying to write this paper I am working on, and writing a lecture, is draining me of further creativity.

I love reading the blogs of all of those people, like SSG, or Naomi, or FF, who make the ordinary come alive within a blog.

I even thought about writing about some beauty purchases I made. I like them, but I just can't bring myself to write anything more than that. "yep, 'sgood!" I will buy on the recommendations of SSG. I am a sheep, not a shepherd!

[Apropos of nothing, I bought some Clarins ever matte foundation, the L'Oreal nude palette, and made an online purchase of a Le Labo fragrance. I may or may not post about the Le Labo experience]

Don't get me wrong, the ordinary comes alive in my head, I am all for seizing the moment and relishing the small things, but it just doesn't come out in this forum.

I tend to write about things I am passionate about. Lately that has been Crossfit. I realise that is probably only interesting to me. Whatevs. I also like a bit of a rant about what is wrong with the world, but it's really a case of literally can't even.

I was going to write about the little baby that went missing in Melbourne, and was found dead. I had my doubts about the story in the media, and, sure enough, those doubts proved prescient. Yet saying "I knew it" is a bit silly. I can join in with the chorus that it is a waste of a dear, tiny life, but that's already been said too. It is devastating.

Yet what strikes me about it all is how much older than 22 the mother looks, like she has had many years worth of burden. Also the lack of baying for her blood - baying would not help the situation anyway. I have heard quietly understanding things being said, that motherhood can bring you to the very edge of, and possibly past, your grip on sanity. These things have been said by mothers, sotto voce. It is comforting in a way that this kind compassion exists in the context of such a tragedy.

That's all I am going to say about that.

I am now going to launch into something that I excel at, a miscellany.

I have been hunting for a good hotel room in DC, where I am off to soon, for a conference. Most of the bookings have free cancellation, and I have had a hotel booked for a while. However, I only had this hotel close to the conference centre for 6 of the 8 nights I was staying, also the price was steep for not a great place. More recently, I have been doing some research, reading hotel reviews, and scoping out the other hotels close by. Finally, I got onto Wotif, and took a punt on a mystery deal. First I booked for the 4 nights of the conference. The price was steep, but a lot cheaper than the open deals. After booking I found out the hotel - it was the one I wanted. I made a separate booking for the 4 nights prior to the conference. The mystery hotel had the same description as the previous, but was just over half the price for those four nights - sure enough, I found it was the same hotel. I rang the hotel to ask if I could stay in the same room for the 8 nights. Hence, now I am staying in a better hotel than the previous, paying less for 8 nights than I was about to for 6! Only catch is that it isn't refundable. Winning!

I have also scoped out crossfit boxes for while I am on leave, I get to meet my WODding bretheren from the US.

Tragedy, hotels, a bit of cosmetics. Crossfit, of course, was there.

A miscellany indeed.


  1. I only discovered your blog late last year, and have really enjoyed reading whatever you've had to share. No expectations. No demands. (Though I confess I have skipped the bits about crossfit). Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I'm glad you're back. For someone who didn't want to write that was quite a 'vomit'. I hope you got it all out. I enjoyed reading it. If you read my one called Adele you'll know that I've had a dodgy week or so blog wise. We do lose our mojo and that's OK. Write because you want to and for the friendships. I await the next tales of your brother. DC? Washington? I'm hoping to go in July for work. It's a lovely city . My favourite.

  3. Well I'm glad you hit publish! Thing is I have more drafts than published posts and I think we all do but even the drafts can be very therapeutic and a rest is needed from whatever it may be. As they say carry on! Ps all I remember about DC was the great Vietnamese food and Georgetown! X

  4. write what you want, darl - we can't have coffee every week, this will have to do! :) Have fun in Washington :)

  5. Enjoy Washington and keep on keeping on.

    I admire all that you have achieved both here on the blog and beyond.

    Much love and safe travels.

    SSG xxx

  6. Write when you want - you're supposed to be doing this for fun! Don't feel beholden to blog a certain style/ on a schedule. Takes the enjoyment out of it.
    That was a very sad story in Melb. I had the same thoughts as you, and was completely unsurprised by the outcome. It's just awful all round. She will carry a very heavy burden, regardless of prison sentencing. And perhaps that is worse.
    Good work on the hotel deal! And still in awe at your crossfit obsession/ training schedule xx