Sunday, 27 March 2016

Stuff(ed with chocolate).

A bit of a miscellany for today.

It's been a bit of a slow weekend, people. I haven't done much, which is good. I have no work things to do - all the bits and pieces I have had to write are being reviewed, so my hands are tied. I am happy with a bit of stillness - I used to feel bad for having a break and having not much to do. It's good to have a breather. April will be a busy month with one thing or another. I am off to 'Murica for a couple of weeks on Anzac day, conferencing. Also I have found some crossfit boxes to go to!

I have caught up on House of Cards, having binge-watched all of series 3. Frank Underwood is at his most diabolical and loathsome, and I find myself wanting Heather Dunbar to be POTUS. Claire remains strong and gracious and diabolical and divine - though she can be manipulative, I find myself liking her more as I watch. That Doug Stamper is just a scary bastard, as determined as Frank and Claire.

My mum came around for lunch yesterday, it was her birthday, and a year since I lost my shit at her dinner when my sister announced her pregnancy. Doesn't time fly? I covered myself in culinary glory with a slow roasted lamb shoulder and crispy roast spuds and home made mint sauce. Though I sometimes find myself at a loss for what to talk about with her, I can fill the conversation void with a bit of nice food.

My brother also came around, late as he had been out on the turps the previous night. He has just broken up with his GF of 9 years. He was ok. The relationship went on about 3 years longer than it ought to have - it was plain that neither of their hearts were in it for some time. I think they kept it going out of expectation, his ex GF is from a traditional Greek family and the expectation was that they were going to get married. The family took a while to embrace my brother, being skippy and all, and once he was embraced, it had to go all the way. I also think neither of them wanted to be the "bad guy" to end it. It really came to a head when she moved up to Sydney without him, and seemed reluctant for him to move up there, with lots of delaying tactics.

I wish the best for her, she was part of the family for a long while. I hope they both take time to cool their heels (and sheets) and work out what they want out of life and a relationship. They have spent the vast majority of their adult lives enmeshed. It takes a while to find out who you are.

I had best move on. Shopping to do, meals to plan, washing to fold.

I hope you have had a pleasant weekend.


  1. HI. I feel for your brother. The hardest thing to unravel is friendships after that time. You have so many couple friends.

    1. Welcome, Anna. I think a lot of my bro's friends were actually her friends originally, but a few of the friendships have solidified with him, which is good as he needs support.
      Generally it's good to have one's own friendships that occur independently of the relationship. I have read that a lot of people regret not nurturing these friendships.