Monday, 15 September 2014

Domesticity. Soothing banalities.

Hey there.

Melbourne is in that phase of glorious then foul spring weather. We are currently in the foul stage. Should come good this weekend.

I will be off to Adelaide tomorrow, for a conference. Looking forward to it. Good to have my brain fed.

I suppose that this is a late "what I did on the weekend" post. After all the gallavanting and glam of Singapore, I think the fella and I really just craved a bit of time in our new home, tending to it, basking in it. Just doing some normal, simple things.

Saturday I went to my old mate, Princes Park, and did a couple of laps (2.6 to be more precise, about 8.3km). It was the longest run I had done in a while, it was as slow as all get out but I enjoyed being out in the fresh air and sunshine. My other old friends.

I saw the movie "Predestination", with Ethan Hawke and an Aussie newbie, Sarah Snook, who was brilliant. It was an absorbing movie, very original. I recommend it.

Sunday was spent on domestic duties.

I don't consider myself a domestic goddess in the slightest however I am slowly getting more domesticated.

I even did GARDENING.

I know. I don't know myself either.

I spent an hour and a half pulling weeds and giving the shrubs and roses crew cuts. That's 85 minutes longer than I've ever spent on gardening in the past. Who knew decapitating shrubs could be so therapeutic! I have sore forearms from using the clippers vigorously.

Then after all that exertion, I went and did some cooking. We massaged some spices into a pork shoulder the night before, then put it into a slow cooker on the Sunday. The result was some very tasty pulled pork. This was served up for dinner when some friends came over.

Also cooked was a guacamole and some fresh tomato salsa.

For dessert, we had a chocolate, chilli and tequila cake. The recipe is here. You can't really taste much or any tequila in the recipe.

It is a really easy cake to make and I recommend it. It has a truckload of butter in it.

Yesterday was quite a draining day at work. Usually such a thing would send me ranting to whoever would listen, or into the chocolate/wine. Instead, I got home, and without even sitting down, I started on dinner. After about 10 minutes I forgot about my day. I find cooking tasks quite absorbing and often quite calming.

I am still quite happy to palm off the dishes to my fella though.

What is your favourite and least favourite domestic task?
What is the weather like where you live?
Do you have a super easy and impressive recipe that you use? If so, share.


  1. I love cleaning the mirrors but hate cleaning the rest of the bathroom.
    The weather is having an identity crisis right now but at least it's light when I head home from work these days.
    All out of new recipe ideas. My most recent successes have been blogged about. I agree, cooking is soothing.

    SSG xxx

  2. I hate the shower recess cleaning. I never seem to keep on top of it and then the only thing that will clean it some hardcore cleaner that gives me a headache.
    Pretty warm and clear in Bris Vegas, with a touch of breeze.
    Chocolate Chip Cookies: food process 1/2 cup butter w equal castor sugar, keep going and process with 1 and 1/2 cup of Plain flour, one egg and splash of vanilla. Add a bit more flour if it's sticky. Chop 1/2 block dark chocolate and mix through. Chill. Blob on to baking paper tray . Bake - moderate 15 minutes. Afternoon tea in 20 minutes. :Dx

  3. My most impressive recipe (that I created myself) is chopping grapes in half, pouring some cointreau over them and freezing. You have to make a huge batch to counteract all the ones that fall in your mouth as you pass the freezer.

    They go really well with a good sorbet too.

  4. My least favourite domestic chore is putting things away. I have no idea why I always have so many clothes to put away but it drives me insane. I quite like ironing if there's good TV on.

    Also I'm really hungry right now so I don't want to talk about food.