Monday, 22 September 2014

A rant, a dilemma and a miscellany.


First the Miscellany.

I went to rAdelaide for my conference. The conference was great; there were good practical things I learned which will change my practice (or at least stop me from looking at my junior blankly when they speak of a new medication).

I stayed in the Hilton Hotel and I recommend it. Those who follow @cillajean79 (think most of the readers of this blog do) on Instagram will have seen the view from my room.

I would love to travel a bit more around Adelaide, namely to the Barossa and other great food and wine regions, and to Kangaroo Island. To have a Bacchanalian road trip!

I got to meet the gorgeous Heidi of Adelaide Villa. Lovely to see you H!

I ran a 10km fun run on Sunday. Lovely day to run on the banks of the Yarra.

Now the Rant.

I am at a ranty time of the month.

Is it just me? Have found that my PMS is getting worse as I get older. Or perhaps I just have better insight into my peaks and troughs as I age.

Being the scientist that I am, I had a thought about it. My amateur reproductive physician view is this:

We spend most of our (reproductive) lives bathed in lady-hormones. These add to the milieu that allows us to nurture children etc. It's for the sake and safety of the species.

By and large, I am a fairly patient person. Forebearant. I have learned to let small annoyances go, and bite my tongue. I will go out of my way for people.

1-2 days per month I have far less tolerance for fuckwittage. I still bite my tongue but it gets harder to do so. I may well up in tears. The impulse to take to inanimate objects with a blunt objects is strong. That's the time when those lady-hormones are at their nadir. If I am not being annoyed, I am fine.

So basically that time is not one where we are more bitchy, but one where we are far less inclined to deal with the shit that we usually encounter with a smile and good humour.

Amirite, Ladies?

Now the Dilemma.

I have a work friend who is getting married. She is going the whole hog. Designer dress, great location, even employed a wedding stylist. It's a big deal. That's her prerogative.

She has spoken about having to limit her numbers, given that the price per head for the reception is high. There are people in our workplace who may not be receiving an invite (haven't scoped it out yet). I had not expected an invite. When she was explaining the cost and need to limit numbers I told her it was ok not to invite me (then gave her advice regarding cheaper catering and spit roasts).
The invite came, but only my name was on it. Do I presume the invite is just for me, not my partner? That is what I thought...

She has only met him a handful of times, too.

I respect her right to invite who she wants, and am happy for the invite. I have not yet raised it with my fella.

You already know my view on what wedding I would want; an inclusive one. Kids too. It's a celebration of love, after all.

What is your view on the etiquette of wedding invitatitions?

PMS...yay or nay?

What did you get up to this past weekend?


  1. It was lovely to meet you too Cilla! I hope you get back here soon to see some of the more beautiful spots (other than Victoria Square!!).
    Re the invitation. I would say that you are only invited, not your partner. It is rude of her, given that you are living together and have bought a house together for her not to invite your partner, especially if she has met him a couple of time. But weddings are difficult, I understand her dilemma - we had someone we had to invite their partner to (had never met her, but they were living interstate and had only just started seeing each other). He rang and asked to bring her, so we reluctantly said ok after grilling him about how serious they were.. they ended up married. A bunch of the other people we invited who had long term partners broke up and didn't marry them and I've never seen those people since. She's taken a short term view. But that's weddings for you...

  2. I'm happy with whatever those issuing the invitations want, but, having said that I've never been invited without my Mr. So I speak without having to negotiate weddings solo. 22 years ago, yes back in the dark ages when we got married, we invited our friends and some rsvps came back stating 2 people were coming. I think we didn't say anything because the cost was no where near $100 or so per head. If cost was $100 - $250 per head which is what some weddings now cost, I think I'd say something on account of I really couldn't afford to have our friend plus their friend.
    We had the whole village at our wedding literally and it made for some great dancing. I love the fact that you can just get up and join in the line of dancing without needing a partner and you can be 8 years old or 80 and it doesn't matter.
    Due to a few sleep deprived nights over the past 18 months, you do not want to encounter me when I have PMS. Mrs cranky pants is ever present at that time of the month and I find it harder to bite my tongue.
    Last weekend was crazy busy, one member of family was delicate after surgery but we still had daughter's first netball presentation - won 7 bottles of won in raffle so hubby delighted- then Sunday morning had to take son to birthday party at trampoline centre by 9.30am and then pick him up and go straight to extended family lunch. Need holidays to recover from weekend.
    Thanks for writing your blog. Really enjoy reading each post. Den x

  3. She doesn't want to invite and pay for a bunch of people she doesn't know. I can understand that.