Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Men of Offspring

Ok so it's no secret that I live for Wednesday nights (second to weekends, and holidays) when Offspring is screening.

I only really got into it from the second series, but I think it is warm, funny and clever, with (mostly) likeable, evolving characters, lots of eye candy, and lots of great Melbourne streetscapes.


Nina and Billie are the Protagonists, but I must say that sometimes I find them a bit grating. I love them and everything, but the cringe factor is high with them.

Nina is a worst-case scenario person. Reminds me uncomfortably of myself. She is also very awkward, which causes some facepalm (but admittedly very funny) moments.

Billie is a bit of a bull in a china shop. She can be a bit thoughtless (and perhaps even a bit bullying) of Nina. I want Neens to man the hell up and stand up to Billie.

I think Eloise is a quick distraction and will fade out in the next couple of episodes.

I am starting to warm to Zara, it is lovely seeing her softer side.

The really interesting part of the series though is seeing how the man-characters are developing.

Mick - He is such a thoughtful husband, and a very grounding influence for Billie. He appreciates her but keeps her from getting too bossy. It is interesting to compare Mick and Billie's relationship with Patrick and Nina's.

Jimmy - He is probably my favourite character (other than Billie and Nina) on this show. He has grown from an irresponsible, flighty and haphazard boy into a strong, supportive father and partner. Seriously, how well has he manned up since Zara got knocked up? His gentle persistence and abiding love wore the sometimes cold Zara down.

And how lovely was it when he took the baby to hospital so that Zara could see the bubba chuckle? I think that even melted Kim's frozen heart, and made my ovaries jump.

Patrick - He is really starting to get in touch with his emotions, which is nice. Sometimes it is a bit misguided (the talk he had with Eloise in the bar should have been had with Nina) but he is getting there. Nina seems to respond well when he is calm, firm and loving.

Darcy (or Darcehole) - is being a bit of a tool at the moment. Seriously! How he treated Billie with the business! Just being a sulky so and so. And now gadding off and not being around for Nina to have her bub! To paraphrase Geraldine, how many mid-life crises does one need????

Clegg - At first I thought he was a bit of a tosspot. Mildly amusing, though. My opinion of him changed in a heartbeat when, after Cherie broke up with him, he offered her a chocolate crackle. What a guy!

Philip Noonan -nnnnnerd! In the nicest possible way. I won't even mention the pinkle moment. Oh wait. I just did.


  1. I love this ... I think Mick is my favourite of the male characters. He's solid. Was worried last season about that but this season he's a rock so far!

  2. Great post, Cilla.

    In summary, I loved loved loved Jimmy turning up at the hospital last night, I adore Clegg and want him to find the best girlfriend ever, I want Eloise to disappear into a sinkhole (and can't BEAR the way she walks so weirdly), and have never liked Zara much but am quite liking that she's being nice to Jimmy now and loving her baby.

    Aside from that - NINA'S CLOTHES!! (Thanks, Nikki re those) and OMG NINA AND PATRICK'S HOUSE and indeed GERALDINE'S HOUSE!! Sorry for shouting.

    Wednesday nights are too far apart.