Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My finest facebook status updates. My new girl-crush.

I always take pride in my Facebook Status Updates. I make sure they are properly spelled and are the distilled more interesting parts of my life. I try not to get ranty, hateful, whingy or offensive. I have been complimented on their quality. Here are some of my recent ones.

Got 5 hours and 2 peoples worth of work done in 3.5 hours and by myself.
It's only 5 hours away from Offspring.
50 hours till the weekend and seeing Jesus Christ Superstar (yes I will sing all the words out loud)
3 days 20 hours till a lovely roast dinner at Epocha, then a music Gig
5 days 23 hours till I fly off to Seoul.

I'm not counting though.

 I have been told I have a very expressive face.
Today, after my 90 minute drive down (c)Punt road, I was wearing my "quit your yapping and make me my goddamn coffee" face.
The Barista didn't see it.

 Listening to Triple j countdown. Used to think the song "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails was filth. I still think it's filth, but I like it.

I am in bed with a sexy man who has made me coffee and is about to make pancakes.
(Hope my boyfriend doesn't mind...)
Hee hee!
Happy Sunday!


Had to explain to my 64 year old professor of medicine PhD supervisor what "bitch-slapped" meant. I also had to explain that I am from Werribee so some strange stuff can come out of my mouth sometimes. 

Soundbite of the day.
Drawing blood from an older male patient.
I said "sorry, hope that didn't hurt".
He replied "I've been married. I know what pain is".


On my trial I am putting my older folks on strict optifast with the aim of achieving ketosis.
The theory is that ketosis improves muscle mass and cognitive functioning.
I have just told a lady who is sticking to the diet strictly that I am breeding a super-race of older, stronger, smarter people in my dastardly plan for world domination.
I think she liked that.


I have been known to unfriend people (not actual friends, just peripheral people) who put whingy or bunny-boiling posts. I don't need my feed filled with it.

I just need to spend less time on there. It is not a good or appropriate place to debrief.

I have just got my new cookbook in the mail. It is called Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo. She is a very Pretty English Lass. Kind of like a young Nigella. Her recipes are very easy and tasty. 

In other news, I have been churning out some abstract art. In Tuesday's class, we worked with Impasto medium, which adds texture to acrylic paint. Here are my works. 

I am HANGING out for leave. Soo looking forward to getting on that plane. I will be at the pointy end of it. I will have a glass of champagne for you. And you. And you. All of you.

I had some blog visitors from all over the world - Israel, USA, Indonesia. You there - come say hello! Don't be shy! 


  1. Love those f/b updates... V funny. I've almost given up looking at F/b due to all the crap advertising.
    I caught Rachel Khoo on TV briefly the other night making the most divine looking chocolate mousse. She is very gorgeous indeed and made me feel quite geriatric!

    Hope you have a great trip to Korea! I'm hanging out for the end of semester and a trip to a Conference in Auckland!

    1. Rachel Khoo is a year younger than me. I was style-jacking her on Sunday with a side bun and red lippy

  2. I've just discovered your blog. And now I want to marry it.

  3. Little Paris Kitchen is wonderful, my discovery of the year so far! The tomato vanilla jam is really nice.