Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Hangin' tough.

For your delectation, a 1990s earworm. Any lapsed NKOTB fans out there?

It's been a tough day.

Very challenging work morning.

A lunch break at the local shopping centre. It was pregnant woman and little baby hour at the food court. They were errrrrywhere. I ate my lunch staring at a shop sign.

I went to my PM session. The dramas of the morning wiggled their way via phone and email into my afternoon work.

The infertility (I use that word legitimately now, it's been over 12 months) is taking its toll. Work has unique challenges. Many many sighs are sighed. Tears prick my eyes but are often bit back.

My saviours are my partner, my dog and crossfit. And my crossfit ladies. And youse. And Offspring. And Offspring debriefs with my cuzzy on facebook. And the Bachelor and debriefs in real time on facebook with the funny ladies who follow blogger Far Kew.

Actually that's quite a lot of things to smile about.

Yes, I am watching the Bachelor. I know. I blame my fragile state and soft brain.


  1. Big hugs to you. And virtual chocolate. And soothing drink.

    SSG xxx

  2. That's tough :( glad you're looking after yourself, and hope the work drama subsides.

    Btw there are psychologists who specialise in issues around fertility and IVF (big stressful things!) if things are getting you down and the regular stuff (exercise, connecting with people - all that good stuff) isn't cutting it.

    Ps thanks for the song link - how good were NKOTB.