Monday, 16 May 2016

Falling into the flow.

I have gone back to work, done loads and loads of washing, gotten back into the timezone and generally back into the swing of things. The acute post-holiday blues have settled. I start my new job tomorrow.

I have a new haircut. I was talking with a female professor of medicine, and out of the blue, she told me that I had a lovely face and that I needed a hairdo that would frame it. Granted my hair was in travel mode (ie lank and greasy) but I was a bit taken aback. I had a love-hate relationship with my long hair - it was always a belief I had, unchallenged, that "curvy girls should have long hair".

Anyway I took the professor's comment in the manner in which it was given; rather than saying "rude bugger" I considered and thought she might have a point. So I did some research with the committee (ie my female facebook friends) and found a good hairdresser, Barberella on Gertrude street. I did the old "do what you like but not this and this and this and this and also please don't make my face look fat". She was very good and attentive and I was very happy with the result, I have a lovely face-framing bob, which is super-feminine and sharp but classic.

This whole theme of taking things in my stride loomed large today. There have been lots of murmurings within one of my workplaces about lack of funds. Today, I had the meeting with the new director and the Prof Emeritus. I actually offered to "quit" for the time being, to concentrate on writing my papers. I figured that, if I had to go, I would go on my terms. Also it would free me from a few pressures and free me up to do more profitable work.

Long story short, the Prof Emeritus would not hear of me stepping aside. He asked me to stay on, but do fewer sessions. I agreed. It still frees me up to do something that pays better, but my role is intact. So essentially I weathered a cull gracefully. It could've been upsetting but it really wasn't. I realised it was great that I have options that few others have, so that this kind of thing isn't a big deal.

It's that working hard at the art of not giving a single fuck. To appreciate the pros and cons of each situation, and embrace whatever happens. At the moment, I am winning at adulting.

In general crossfit news, I can feel the attainment of a box-jump in my waters.


  1. It's tough isn't it about suggesting beauty tips - there is telling someone about spinach on the teeth thing which I am wholly for and yet some say they wouldn't dare tell someone. It's a hard balance but a good haircut never hurt anyone says I who can not stand the hair dressers but have just managed to find a girl who understands enough English to know what I want but not too much to chat non stop but of course I bet she will return to her home country soon so am getting blow dries while I can!
    Box jump sounds impressive x

  2. I think the bob would suit you really well. And I do think it's a fallacy that long hair suits rounder face shapes... so much more comes into play, but long hair can look really draggy and make one look aged regardless of face shape.
    Good work on the job front. Sounds like a potentially traumatic situation has been managed well by you. x

  3. You are indeed 'winning at adulating' with good grace and poise. I love the 'winning' phrase, may I borrow?

    SSG xxx

  4. A bit of a nerve isn't it saying that. Goodness talk of minding ones own business! Anyway I was told that we should go shorter bit by bit as we age. That makes sense to me. My next cut takes me to a centimetre length.

  5. A good haircut always makes you feel better :)