Monday, 13 July 2015

The Idiot Box.

It sounds like a cliche, but this time, crunch time, is like the end of a marathon. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but I am hurting like fuck. My mind is up to the numerous challenges I have (new work, PhD completion, grant writing etc) but during these times of stress, my body shows it.

I get an awful crick in my neck and back from sleeping like a tense mummy, some headaches, and a stress rash on my feet (it's called pompholyx and it's an actual thing). My feet aren't as bad as the pic, but you get the idea.

It's important for me to give myself some physical challenges during these mentally challenging times. Actually most of the physical challenges are mental challenges as well, and it is super rewarding to face them.

I'm talking about de crossfit, people.

Lots of the exercises we do in the sessions are actually variations on things we should have been good at as kids, but I had my head in a book. Things like handstands, pull ups, jumps.

I am super proud to say I am mastering the pull up, and needing less and less support from the elastic bands. I can do a deep squat like a champion without putting strain on my knees or back, and with increasing amounts of weight on the barbell.

I would love to be able to do a handstand, but this is a little way off.

One thing that scares the bejeezus out of me is the box jump. That is jumping onto a 20 inch box, or, right now, for me, it is 3x25kg weight plates stacked up, at a height of about 10 inches.

I don't yet have the appropriate power to weight ratio to get up to 20 inches, and I am working on that by gradually increasing the height of the platform.

The much more difficult thing is the head thing. I am so scared of falling over, of hurting myself (even typing that makes that fear less powerful). The head thing is what limits me most in terms of my physical prowess.

I came across this article on the webs. I am inspired. I will imagine my footsies steadfastly atop the platform. In order to stave off the ravages of ageing, we need to (safely) move more like a child.

In terms of the other idiot box, I am loving Masterchef. Marco is back and I don't like him, but I still enjoy the show.

Do you take yourself out of your physical and mental comfort zone?
What thing do you wish you could do? Splits? Handstand? Pirouette?


  1. somersault.

    i can do it diving off a high platform but i think that is cheating.

    am so bad this year - have put on a stone again because i just stopped exercise because it's so boring to book and it seems there just isn't the space in London without having to book all the time which is ridiculous.

    Try handstands against a wall first. yoga is great for that

  2. Cilla, I signed up for Bootcamp a while back. And, typically developed a healthy infatuation with the PT; which was great because it made me stay committed. I was the old lady of the group (which amused me) but by golly we got into it each morning! Fartlek...chin-ups...all sorts of tortures. I stopped after a year when my IAN got damaged with my lower wisdom tooth extraction. Not doing anything at present. We also used to play memory games mixed with physical stuff. I found that really challenging because I used to hate using my brain at 5.30am. I am proud of you. Xxx

  3. A pull up! My out of the comfort zone is going to the gym at all - have gained so much weight the mirrors make me sad
    We are obsessed with masterchef too! It's the only reality cooking show I can be in the same room with :)

  4. Pullups because they are darn cool!