Friday, 27 February 2015

The weekend / festival of Cilla.

It's Friyay, people. A quick'un, today.

I am quite pooped, and am taking it easy tonight. Home delivered food on the couch in trakky daks drinking wine out of a tumbler kind of easy.

Dr. Blake's Mysteries is on soon. I love Craig McLachlan. He is a bit of a spunk and like a fine wine, he has improved with age.

I have a big weekend coming up. Tomorrow morning is the monthly WODfest at Crossfit. WOD stands for Workout of the Day. What I love is that they mix things up. Anyway, the WODfest is a 2 hour workout, followed by a BBQ.

Then I need to attend to scheduled bodily maintenance (pedi/eyebrow lopping etc). Then it is the belated 40th bday party of a friend.

Sunday is my birthday. I am having a quiet early dinner at a local gastropub with a few friends. Perhaps brunch with my family.

It is going to be a big foodie weekend. I shall report back on the eats.

I have something from the "annoying" file that I wish to share. I may be alone in this.

I it bugs me when people (shop assistants, often) describe garments as "flattering" or "slimming" on me.
I find it a bit patronising.
I am sure it is coming from a nice place, but still.

Oh yeah. And my fella has announced a sell-off of some of his boy toys, to make room for an ultimate boy-toy (a vintage car of some description).

What are you up to this weekend?
What strange things annoy you?
What boy toy does a man in your life have?



    I will be sleeping and escaping the heat this weekend.

    SSG xxx

  2. Happy birthday and hope you have fun x

  3. Cilla, many, many happy returns!!! You know I never try anything on in a store. I can't shop for clothes with friends or ask for a sales person's advice. It's weird I know. I have friends who will be there for ages with sales staff...if I am with them I have to drift off and find coffee!!! This weekend I am holding a little Studio Sale in the House of Flora!!! But, I think I already spent the profits on cake and biscuits for the day!!
    Hmmmm Boy Toys....what about Mr Fascinata's 40cm table attaching, 2kg or so brass wine cork is always in the way somewhere. Not quite the vintage car!!!!!!! Wow! You will HAVE to do a shoot. Xx

  4. Happy Birthday!
    "Slimming" is a bitch term. I have hated it forever. If it makes you feel better my mother uses it all the time even though I am (relatively) slim. I am annoyed by passive aggressive behaviour- just be passive or aggressive, not both. Say your piece or don't say it, don't hedge around and make me guess people! :)
    My fella has no boy toys, he also has no (well marginal) income so I guess that's the explanation :)
    Just emailed you, if you don't get it, check the junk folder x

  5. Late to the party, as usual! Happy Birthday Cilla, hope you had a lovely celebration with your fella and family, and that it's a cracker of a year ahead. xx

  6. We don't know each other, but Happy Birthday! I know we're not supposed to celebrate birthdays like kids do, but every year I'm happy to be here....given the alternative I mean. Craig is a spunk, isn't he? Love him in Hating Alison Ashley...looks like every P.E. teacher I ever had a crush on. As for Boys Toys, mine has an under the house thing with a grand piano and a music studio. He's spent more on that than the home renos. It's okay though, coz he disappears down there for hours on end and doesn't sit around getting on my last nerve. I hope you celebrated another year on the planet in style....Mimi xx

  7. Very belated birthday wishes! So glad Craig mc has had a second coming :)